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This FAQ is far from perfect and is not for total newbies. I don't want or even don't have time to make Lego Dublo instructions how to do all the stuff from beginning to end.

The point of this site is to be a place where to collect Q2 movie related guides. FAQ goes through following software:

  • Quake2 3.20 | download
  • Demoplayer 2.4 | download
  • Keygrip (editing .dm2 files) | download
  • AprQ2 (for .dm2 -> .avi or shots) | download
  • Sony Vegas (for video editing)
  • Adobe After Effects (video editing)
  • XviD and x264 (to compress the movie) | download

The links up there on navigation bar are in chronological order how the movie creating progress is done. First you might want to watch some demos throught with Demoplayer. Then you edit and maybe cut them in Keygrip. AprQ2 is used for making uncompressed avi files from demos for videoediting in Vegas. When the editing is done you render the movie and then compress it using x264 or XviD codec. At this point we should have the movie ready for publishing.

Two very useful articles:
Tips for a better video by own-age.com
On Quality by Shaolinproductions.org

Alternative tutorial for Q2 movies made by AQ2 players Woce and Masa^:
english | finnish



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